HowTo: Create a Content Type in SharePoint 2010

This post is for SharePoint beginners. In a previous post I explained how to create a site column. Site columns can be re-used in lists and they are also used when creating content types. A content type is used to define a SharePoint entity. It can, in a way, be seen as a meta data template which defines which data is stored and how it is stored. A custom content type always inherits from another content type, this can be a built-in type or a previously created custom content type. When creating a content type, you select a content type group and from this group you select the parent content type. The newly created content type inherits all properties from the parent. After this you add site columns and you’re ready to go.

Before you go and start creating content types, assure yourself that there is no built-in content type that fits your needs.

Creating the Content Type:

  • Navigate to the root of the site collection in which you want to create your content type.
  • In the upper left corner click “Site Actions” and then click “Site Settings”.
  • Under “Galleries” click “Site content types”.
Creating a content type
  • This opens an overview of existing “Built-in” content types as-well as previously created content types. To create a new content type, click “Create” in the upper left corner.
Creating a content type
  • After clicking “Create”, a window opens in which you can create a new content type. After picking an appropriate name and describing your new content type, you have to pick a parent content type. First pick the appropriate category and then pick the actual parent. Your new content type will inherit all columns from this type. Finally you get to pick the category in which the new content type is placed.
Creating the new content type
  • When done, click “OK” to create the new content type. When done you will be taken to the content type details window in which you can see how you content type is built up. This of course is also the place where you add columns to your new content type. How to add these columns can be seen in my article about site columns. You can only add site columns to a content type.
That’s all there is to it. Until we meet again. Happy SharePointing!