HowTo: Create a custom SharePoint theme using PowerPoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 has brought us some great new changes, especially when it comes to user friendlyness. One of the new features is the possibility to create a theme using Powerpoint 2010. This way you no longer have to be skilled in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

So how does this work? In this tutorial I am creating a new theme, if you want to use an existing theme, open the presentation that holds the theme you want to use and skip the first three steps.

  • Open a new presentation in PowerPoint 2010.
  • Choose a style you like or customize one to you likes. More on how to use and save custom themes in PowerPoint 2010 here.
Powerpoint Edit Theme
  • Navigate to your top level site, click Site Actions (upper left) and select Site Settings.
  • Click ” Themes” located under ” Galleries”.
SharePoint Themes
  • Click “Add New Item”, in the new pop-up window browse to the newly create theme file and click “Ok”.
Uploading Theme
  • After the upload you get to name the new theme and give it a meaningful description.
Naming the uploaded theme
  • With the above steps, we’re not done yet, we’re halfway, after uploading the new theme, we of course also want to apply it to our site. To do this navigate to the site to which you want to apply the theme.
  • Click “Site Actions” -> “Site Settings”
  • Choose “Site Theme” which is located under “Look and Feel”.
applying the new theme
  • Select the theme we just uploaded and click  “Preview” if you want to see what your new theme looks like, “Preview” opens a pop-up and allows you to preview your installed theme without applying it to your production environment. If you are happy with the result, close the pop-up and click “Ok”, this makes the changes definitive and we’re done.


applying the new theme


applying the new theme


Theme applied

That’s all there is to it. Have fun and happy SharePointing.