HowTo: Create a teamsite in SharePoint 2010

Creating a teamsite in SharePoint 2010

Very important when working with site templates is knowing what SharePoint out-of-the-box can do for you and very often too much time and effort is spend building that which SharePoint already has. So before you start creating custom templates, check out the existing templates you’ll discover that they often have exactly what you require. That’s why in short I’ll explain what a team site can do for you and how you can create one.

A huge part of SharePoint is about collaboration. Collaboration can be achieved in many ways when using SharePoint. A very popular method to achieve synergy is to use one of the most well known templates that SharePoint 2010 contains: the Team site template. By default the team site contains a shared calendar which you e.g. can use to track important team events. It also contains tasks in which you can keep track of team tasks. You can assign tasks to team members, keep track of status and due date. Finally there is Team Discussion in which you can discuss team items in a very simple manner, it has reply options and also quoted messages.

How to create the teamsite

  • Navigate to the site which you chose to hold your new teamsite.
  • In the left upper corner, click “Site Actions”, next click “More Options”. Under “Filter By:” click “Site”.
Creating a team site
  • Click on the “Team Site” template and fill in an appropriate title. You also get to choose the site url from which you can directly access the new team site.   If you want to save some time, click “More options” it allows you to set permissions and navigation options right away.
Creating a team site
  • When done, click create and SharePoint will create the site for you
To get a better understanding of the different SharePoint templates visit this site, it hosts a bunch of movies for all built-in templates and shows you the different possibilities. If you want even more, this site is also a good resource for the different site templates that SharePoint boasts.
That’s all there is to it, happy SharePointing!