HowTo: Custom SharePoint 2010 Deployment Configuration

A default SharePoint 2010 deployment has seven steps: it runs the pre-deployment command line, packages the WSP file, recycles the application pool, retracts the previous version of the solution, adds the solution, activates all features, and runs the post-deployment command line. This proces is fully customizable.

Creating a custom deployment configuration is not that difficult:

  • Right click on your SharePoint Project. Click “Properties”. Click “SharePoint”
SharePoint Deployment Configuration Settings
  • Click “New” to create a new configuration.
New Deployment Configuration

By default your SharePoint Visual Studio 2010 Project Template comes with two predefined configurations: “Default” and “No Activation”. The two pre-configured configurations cannot be modified. The difference between these two is that “No Activation” does not contain the step “Activate Features”.

Different deployment configurations can be used for deployment to different environments e.g. deployment to a development  server or to a production server. Be sure to select the right configuration for the right environment!

That’s all, maybe until next time, happy Sharepointing!