HowTo: Set permissions on a list in Sharepoint 2010

If you want to be in control of which user can access certain data you need to set permissions. Individual permissions are kept together in permission levels. So permission levels are in a sense containers which hold sets of permissions which can be assigned to users. By default security permissions are inherited from the container or parent object. you can set unique permissions by breaking this inheritance and assign the permission which you require.

Setting permissions  for a list

  • Navigate to the list for which you want to set certain permissions.
Editing list permissions
  • Click on the list permissions icon, you’ll get an overview of the current permission settings.
  • To set permissions you first have to break the inheritance. Breaking the inheritance does not remove the current inherited permissions, this setting ensures that new permissions on the parent object will no longer be inherited. Any permissions you don’t want, must be manually deleted, which can be done from the current view. To break inheritance click “Stop Inheriting Permissions”
Breaking permission inheritance
  • Next click yes in the confirmation pop-up.
Confirm breaking permission inheritance
  • The inheritance is now gone, so new permissions set on the parent will no longer apply to this list.
Inheritance broken
  • So again any permissions set until now, will still be apply, you can remove any that no longer apply. The next step is to add the new permissions. Click “Grant Permissions”. This will open a pop-up in which we can assign new permissions.
Setting a new permission

More specific details on the permission levels can be found here.

That’s all there is to it. Good luck and till next time, until then, happy SharePointing.